Speaker. Author. Purposepreneur.

We are a new breed of high value-based entrepreneurs who are prosperity minded, heart-centered business people nurturing a strong sense of being chosen to put out a specific work in the world. We are Purposepreneurs.

My Story

I am integrity. I am class. I am business. I am purpose. I am free. I am loved. I am her.
I am Nicole. 

Nicole R. Caillier is an entrepreneur, consultant, speaker, author and business strategist. She is the founder and CEO of The Quality Brand, Divine Purpose School, Launch, Grow, Thrive in the Healthcare Staffing Industry, and a wide array of entrepreneurial endeavors.

She started her first business in Louisiana in 2005, an employment firm, which she expanded nationally in just two years in the middle of a recession. Under Nicole's leadership, the organization grew revenue 1200% in one quarter and consistently delivered its core competency of providing clients with quality over quantity solutions.

She has been featured in Women in Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, Charisma, and the Impact Network.

A strong visionary with a gift of business acumen, as a child Nicole wrote business plans instead of playing with dolls. She continues with a life-long passion for purpose being fully expressed in the business arena by mentoring other high-level business professionals and beginners to prosper holistically through the Divine Purpose School, a community of “Purposepreneurs” who want to take their business from 5 or 6 figures to 7 or 8, while being fully aligned with their life's calling and key relationships.

Armed with deep industry knowledge as a former nurse and 14 years of front- line entrepreneurial experience, she continues to take ground. Nicole’s focus has shifted to taking ground and creating an impact by sharing her expertise through speaking, consulting and private business mentorship.

My Purpose

I teach purpose-driven women how to create a life and business they love that is rooted in purpose, while leveraging their gifts, talents, and expertise.

I LOVE motivating people to pursue their highest calling!

I am dedicated to helping serious Purposepreneurs:

  • Find Purpose
  • Live on Purpose
  • Create Extraordinary Peace and Prosperity thru Purpose
  • Establish a businesses grounded in Purpose

My Passions

divine purpose school

Divine Purpose School is about three things: finding your purpose, living on purpose, and creating extraordinary peace + prosperity through your purpose. It was meant for anyone searching for their purpose, especially those who continue to fall short in finding it.


The Launch, Grow, Thrive Programs provide aspiring and established healthcare staffing firm owners with the tools, strategies, and resources needed to be successful and competitive in the healthcare staffing industry. 

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