Inspiring words from inspired clients.

“You helped me to increase my self-confidence and adopt a YES attitude.”

Nicole, thank you. I recently attended Purpose & Pajamas as well as the Vision board party. Through these events, you helped me to increase my self-confidence and adopt a YES attitude.

I actually stopped planning and started doing the work. I hosted my first hygiene workshop for preteen girls. You helped me to bring down the barriers and push forward to my purpose and goals. I look forward to attending more events.

- Raven George

Working with Nicole Robinson on the development of my website was an extraordinary experience. I remember whenever I was asked to fulfill a task in order for her and her team to complete whatever portion they were working on at that time, I was always compelled to be timely and thorough because that is how they operated.

Nicole called it “unearthing me” and she spent scheduled time to get to know me. She didn’t come up with an idea and threw it together on a page. She built a page around “who I am”. People are always impressed with the quality of the website. We see websites everyday but seldom do we see one that is of such a high caliber as BE MADE WHOLE belonging to someone who we personally know, that is not a giant in the industry, but an everyday person.

BE MADE WHOLE had only been up a few weeks and after sending a woman to check it out, she became my first client because she saw me as someone she felt she could trust, after viewing the content on my website.

Thank you to everyone who worked with Nicole to bring BE MADE WHOLE into the hearts and minds of the world. The best is yet to come.

- Dr. Esther Wiltz

I have had many challenges throughout the last 17 months, you motivated me to continue to push forward and follow my dreams. You are so positive and so encouraging. God has truly blessed you with a great gift to reach others. As you continue to walk in the path God has set for you, you are blessing others along the way.
- Lindsay Shello

Hearing what you said, I realized I am in a comfort zone…you have given me the courage to get out of my comfort zone, brush myself off and follow my heart and dreams.
- Janise

“This was not only inspiring for me but life changing.”

I attended Purpose and Pajamas. I discovered my purpose. I was taught the things that I have dreamed of becoming can actually be a reality. Creating my vision board challenged me about the things I wanted out of life, something I never really considered before. This was not only inspiring for me but life changing.

- Tesa Daniel

I feel blessed to have met Nicole. She came into my life during a difficult season financially and in my business. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself – and, that is truly her gift. Nicole has the rare ability to change the trajectory of your life in one conversation. That’s what she did for me and I will be forever grateful. As a Transformational Coach & Marketing/Branding Consultant myself, the most important thing to me is to join my dream with high achievers who share my values: humility, generosity and pure, raw passion. That’s why I chose to align myself with Nicole. She is the real deal.

Nicole is a passionate business leader with a deep conviction about the true value of purpose. She has an extraordinary ability to recognize other people’s entrepreneurial genius and provide the exact tools and know-how to help you be authentically successful and build real wealth. I am privileged to know Nicole and would invite others reading this not to hesitate to seek out a VIP Day with Nicole or join her Mastermind if you truly want to move forward. If you’ve been looking for someone who has the personal and financial results to show for what they’ve been “preaching” – then, look no further than Nicole. She walks her talk 100%!

- Priya Devalia

Founder of Extreme Breakthrough™ & Intuitive Branding International™

Very informative & encouraging. Great to hear from someone who was once in my shoes and see that there is no limit. I realize I have not tapped into my full potential but I am now equipped to pursue my purpose.
- Anonymous

Wonderful story and great speaker, very encouraging. I was one of those people who had lost themselves and was stuck. I realized there are changes that I need to make in my own life and within myself.
- Dacia Woods

Dear Mrs. Nicole,

You have taught me so much and it’s incredible how much you can learn from one individual. I have grown as a woman, friend, and a child of God.

Since the age of eight I knew I wanted to be a cosmetologist. But for so long, I didn’t think I was good enough. I moved away trying to become something that I’m not. You helped me to realize I could be anything I wanted to be and, I would be successful! You helped me to see that making people feel beautiful is my gift. Seeing your success and happiness motivated me even more to do what I love. Learning your testimonies, trials, and tribulations, made me realize that when you are meant to do something, or be someone, you can’t run from it. Most of all you can’t run from God and the gifts he has given you.

Creating my vision board was the first step on the journey to my dreams. Everything I have learned from you, has expanded my knowledge and heightened my determination about running a business. I think it’s safe to say “now it’s my turn”. I am ready to start my journey on the path to my dreams.

I have gained a mentor and a friend.

Thank You!

- Jazmine Chiles

All of what you said really encouraged me today. I’ve been thinking of giving up. You really opened another eye for me that’s what I needed.
- Jasmine Wilson

“Your words were encouraging”

Your words were encouraging, they are helping me to keep pushing and pressing past people, situations, and my own thoughts.

- Yvette Matthew

Thanks for the encouragement.
- Detra Smith

Hearing you speak is very inspiring…One day I hope to be a successful woman like you.
- Brook Reaux

You are very inspiring and a natural encourager.
- Crystal