Find Your Purpose, Pursue it, and Profit

Are You Just Going Through the Motions?

Imagine life without purpose. Or, maybe you don’t have to imagine. Maybe you are trudging through life with no motivation, purpose, passion, fuel — and no prosperity.

Waking up every day, pressing snooze five times, then rushing off to work…maybe rushing your kids off to school with no time for a kiss or hug. Maybe not even making eye contact with your spouse because there’s no time, you overslept, and you have to clock into work.

You Deserve More

Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Is this all there is to life? What’s my purpose? Why am I here?” I know I have. When I was at my lowest point, full of uncertainty, I made an amazing discovery: being clear about my purpose deepened my passion for life AND increased my prosperity!

There’s a Better Way to Live

Stop just going through the motions and act now! Let’s find your purpose and unlock your prosperity potential. You’ll live better. You’ll love who you really are, what you do and why you do it, and wake up every day smiling.

Divine PurposeSchool

Divine Purpose School is about finding your purpose, living on purpose, and creating extraordinary peace and prosperity through your purpose. It was meant for anyone searching for their purpose, especially those who continue to fall short in finding it. We accomplish this together by discovering the attributes in determining our purpose, then building the systems to transform our lives.


At the Divine Purpose School we first set out to discover your purpose. We work to understand your skillset and your intentions in life, and then we develop a plan to implement that purpose into every area of your daily life.


We then take this purpose and put it into every area of life, so that you can live fully each and every day. A purpose-driven life is one that constantly seeks peace and prosperity. The Divine Purpose School embodies this philosophy, constantly working to create the most successful and peaceful life you can imagine.

“Nicole has the rare ability to change the trajectory of your life in one conversation.
That’s what she did for me and I will be forever grateful.”

— Priya Devalia

Founder of Extreme Breakthrough™ & Intuitive Branding International™

Let’s Have a Conversation

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